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     19 Argyle St: Clinton and Elizabeth Reiser to Dat T. Nguyen and Thu T. Tran, $730,000

     63-r Bartlet St: Abate RT and Vivian Abate to TMI Main Morton Andover, $5,675,000

     27 Bellevue Rd: Joseph D. Hastings to Marcello A. and Brooke E. Auriti, $650,000

     3 Cassimere St: David J. and Brittany J. Whitworth to Karen A. Mayer, $600,000

     9 Center St: Jennifer B. Fecteau to Jacob M. Gordon, $365,000

     168 Chestnut St: Robert M. Michaels and Ann M. Fay to Sarah J. Santana-Perkins and Peter Hsi, $585,000

     40 Colonial Dr Unit 10: Kristen K. Faria to Ricardo Schubert-DeMoura, $290,000

     10 Crescent Dr Unit 8: Mark L. Muzere to Stephen Cincotta, $285,000

     54 Gray Rd: J S Schmidt RET 2021 and Judith S. Schmidt to Horizon Hldg LLC, $462,500

     4 Longwood Dr Unit 6: William Bailey to James Awrach, $249,900

     126 Main St: Abate RT and Vivian Abate to TMI Main Morton Andover, $5,675,000

     128 Main St: Abate RT and Vivian Abate to TMI Main Morton Andover, $5,675,000

     130 Main St: Abate RT and Vivian Abate to TMI Main Morton Andover, $5,675,000

     16 Morton St: Abate RT and Vivian Abate to TMI Main Morton Andover, $5,675,000

     8 Poplar Ter: Joshua Pelletier and Alaina Iannazzi to Jacqueline A. and Joseph W. Rebeiro, $830,000

     6 Riverside Dr: Rhino Andover Collection to 6 Riverside Owner LLC, $12,400,000

     1002 Spring Valley Dr Unit 1002: Mustali M. Dohadwala and Naseem A. Dahod to Hongjia Li and Xiadi Gao, $475,000

     10 Starwood Xing: Jean P. Fournier to Daniel H. Groves and Kendall C. Griffith, $989,900


     83 Depot Rd: Marilyn French 2011 T and Marilyn French to Urshula Patel, $1,775,000

     6 King John Dr: Jeffrey L. and Linda L. Klein to Constitution Prop LLC and Massachusetts LLC, $650,000

     351 Main St: Sachin K. and Stephanie M. Patel to Juan Valerio, $850,000

     34 Silvermine Rd: Edward T. and Susan M. Cline to Sherry L. Venezia, $795,000


     1700 Bridge St Unit 4: Robert Leary to J Grenham Family&RT and Joseph M. Grenham, $155,000

     469 Broadway Rd: New Eng Cement Block&Pipe to Alton Properties LLC, $50,000

     479 Broadway Rd: New Eng Cement Block&Pipe to Alton Properties LLC, $50,000

     4 Cedar Creek Dr: Mahmoud A. and Toby A. Kaboub to Katelyn Silva and Patrick Swartz, $669,000

     92 Clement Rd: Michael J. and Deborah M. Sweeney to Timothy Desmarais, $710,000

     29 County Rd: Ryan P. and Monica L. Milotte to DCR Development LLC, $275,000

     33 Dora St: Vassaris N. Liakis to Nicole Ritchey and David Berardinelli, $525,000

     6 Essex St: Bright Inv Prop LLC to Paul A. Mercier, $150,000

     24 Infield Ave: Dolliver John J Est and David J. Plankett to Kyle Dolliver, $533,333

     668 Robbins Ave Unit 3: Anastasia and Alexandria Barbas to Sophoeun Pouv, $135,000

     60 Robert St: Burns Margaret P Est and Anne M. Enos to Homelight Prop Group LLC, $347,500

     34 Savoy Ave: Pangeotopoulos M Est and James E. Feld to Inpachelvan Vithiananthan, $350,000

     16 Sesame St: Franz J. Ederth and Jane E. Shea to Amanda Daveta and Timothy Yip, $525,000

     119 Sicard Ave: Panageotopaus Mary A Est and Katherine Panas to Karen B. Goulakos, $175,000

     245 Sparks St: Rita J. Couture to Farid Geha, $429,000

     69 Springdale Rd: Jacqueline Allison to Anabel Morillio, $410,000

     64 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 3: Roseann Romano to Gerald M. Kane, $263,000

     95 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 21: Deigma J. Deoliveira and Clisses C. Marques to Ayodele Obalusi, $315,000

     51 Varnum Rd: Epharaim Gottlieb to Nina Kao and Mara Soeur, $750,000

     14 Winterhill Dr: Winter Hill Dr RT and Stephen F. Wasylak to David S. Flores and Ferial Santiago, $510,000


     13 Bartlett Dr: Karen M. and Michael Flynn to William J. Ryan, $500,000

     2 Birch Tree Dr: Angela and Charles M. Doucot to Sean P. Gibbons, $1,000,000

     10 Larkspur Cir Unit 10: Riccio IRT and Jennifer A. Riccio to Lawrence S. Jones and Katherine A. Urner-Jones, $740,000


     7 Star Rd: Article 4 Residual T and Laurie K. Ranz to Karl F. and Mary L. Kravchuk, $325,000

     10 Alpha Rd: Victoria E. Drelick to Paul M. Baxter, $391,100

     6 Briscoe Rd: Atticus RT and Dawn M. Shay to Gary L. and Suzanne M. Graham, $465,000

     138 Main St: Roberto Ciccarelli to Christopher Dionisi, $410,000

     31-a Rollins St: R Carr T and Stefanie Carr to Carla R. Ardizzoni and Jeffrey S. Morrow, $519,000

     793 Salem St: Althea L. Rogoz to Christopher Manley and Lindsey Bergmann, $420,000

     932 Salem St: John N. and Stephanie Nadeau to Kennedy Prop Group LLC, $600,000

     Wood St: Article 4 Residual T and Laurie K. Ranz to Karl F. and Mary L. Kravchuk, $325,000


     78 Bellevue Ave: Jane M. and Scott J. Quimby to Luciana Verardo, $660,000

     1015 Boston Rd Unit 1015: Mary Pettoruto to Denise L Canale LT and Denise L. Canale, $451,500

     9 Carrington Way Unit 9: Phani S. Uppalapati and Venkata K. Rao-Uppalapati to Tanuj A. Baldota, $443,000

     61 Casablanca Ct Unit 61: Christine Owen to Christopher G. Alvarado and Gabriela D. Ortiz, $290,000

     1 Central St Unit 1: David S. Kundicz to Luz M. Delcid-Juarez and Sandra Diaz, $401,000

     84 Chestnut St: Juan and Narcisa Quintanilla to Aissata Soumah, $490,000

     14 Cogswell St: Amanda L. Demarco and Benjamin A. Roberge to Seamus J. Menihane, $580,000

     67 Corliss Hill Rd: John D. Barbieri to Michael Scanzani, $705,000

     126 Crosby Street Ext: Phillip L. Balboni to Leonardo Coutinho, $560,000

     56 Eudora St: John and Ruth E. Merk to Zachary Green and Christine Rutledge, $452,000

     131 Farrwood Dr Unit 131: Ian C. Timmons to Kirubakaran Siva, $343,000

     20 Fernwood Ave: Edward P. and Kimberly A. Kenney to Nicholas Graffam and Jessica Linehan, $610,000

     83 Fountain St: Michael Foley to Parsia Koleini, $630,000

     9 Gary Ave: Carol J Mangion 2017 RET and Carol J. Mangion to Kimberly and Matthew Bradley, $550,000

     41 Grove St: Dennis J. Talarico to Associate Solutions LLC, $350,000

     25 High St: 25 High Street Realty LLC to Swift Homes LLC, $250,000

     109 High St: Kevin M. Daigle to QRCC Real Estate LLC, $775,000

     50 Highland Ave: Alexander A. and Donna M. Mckinnon to Michael D. Espinola, $519,900

     13 Highland St: Kimberly A. and Matthew Bradley to Richard Lebron and Shakyra Soba, $400,000

     133 Hilldale Ave: Haverhill Group LLC to Remi Ajao, $520,000

     392 Hilldale Ave: Darlene R. and Richard J. Hemstreet to Christopher J. Hemstreet, $250,000

     500 Hilldale Ave Unit 500: Jeffrey and Molly E. Pentz to Nathan DelLlano-Silva, $435,500

     93 Howard St: Boisselle Marie L Est and Dawn M. Berard to Dawn M. Berard and Kathleen F. Patterson, $400,000

     83 Hunters Run Pl Unit 83: Gloria P. Turco to Ornela Llupo and Matthew Tracy, $252,000

     447 Lake St: Tracy Family 2014 IRT and Tammy Merritt to Nicholas L. Calderone and Vanessa Eisen, $401,000

     100 Lawrence St Unit 13: Mciver IRT and Colleen Simoes to Zebulun Day, $190,000

     221 Lawrence St: Emily and Evan Fairbanks to 221 Lawrence St LLC, $480,000

     2 Main St: AC Plaistow LLC to Navya RT, $52,200

     9 Melrose Ave: Kathie L. Johnston to New England Hm Buyers LLC, $220,000

     67 Merrimac Rd: Brian J. Greene and Amy Conant-Greene to Redfin Borrower LLC, $550,000

     8 Michael Ln: Paul&Nancy Tariot IRT and Zachary C. Tariot to Christopher P. Cook, $629,900

     6 Myles Standish Dr Unit 12: Happy Penguin Prop LLC to Lawrence E. and Leslie Welch, $220,000

     82 Old Yankee Rd: Larry R. and Sherry A. Cann to Michael and Teresa Scenna, $690,000

     118 Orchard Hill Rd: John and Robin Valentino to Joseph Eldridge, $582,500

     7 Parsonage Hill Rd: Alain M. and Gail M. Taschereau to Lourdes A. Rosario, $636,000

     105 Pilgrim Rd Unit 105: Christoper and Elizabeth A. Valliere to Phillip and Stephen Brodsky, $264,450

     Plaistow Rd: AC Plaistow LLC to Navya RT, $52,200

     69 Portland St: Ronald Laplume to Gary Fils, $320,000

     38 Regent Ave: Chambers FT and Donna P. Rodgers to Elisabeth M. and Terrance M. Bean, $385,000

     249 River St: Janice M. Vinci to Gerard Carlo, $190,000

     649 S Main St Unit 649: Jesse and Michael Connolly to Jody Bradstreet, $345,000

     31 S Riverview St: Alvin B. and Ferliannie Bonilla to Derek M. Bond and Kayla Bramante, $468,000

     52 Salem St Unit A: Mazraany Construction LLC to Donovan C. Nolan and Emma S. White, $406,000

     580 Salem St: Karen D. Sindoni-Westhaver to Christina M. Hughes and James Treacy, $515,000

     72 Silver St: Anna Firek to Danira Y. Chilel and Belmer G. Ramos, $505,000

     108 Towne Hill Rd: Celeste L. and Kevin J. Begley to Brenda A. Sikora, $580,000

     16 Victory Ave: Beatrice I Mooney IRT and Kevin E. Mooney to Samuel T. Sasso, $446,000

     625 W Lowell Ave Unit 24: Matthew E. Citroni to Luz Y. Castillo, $200,000

     132 W Meadow Rd Unit 18: Deborah J. Cote to Kathleen Reyes, $300,000

     50 Woodland Park Dr Unit 50: Heather M. Mortimer to Faith E Deleney T and Faith E. Delaney, $454,000


     56-58 Avon St: Jose Gabin to Maria E. Hidalgo-DeGabin, $647,500

     88-90 Boxford St: Jose D. and Julia Silverio to Arquianys Martinez, $409,000

     116 Bunkerhill St: Ithaca Finance LLC to Francisca Leger, $300,000

     11 Daisy St: Merrimack Vly RE Soln LLC to I&H Realty Assoc LLC, $320,000

     143 E Haverhill St: John A Woidyla IRT and John A. Waidyla to Enrique Guzman, $570,000

     5 Exeter St: Pham RT and Anne Kiselev to Haddy Abreau-Rodriguez and Melin A. Santiago-Rojas, $421,000

     80 Foster St: Mirta Ramos to Flor M. Monegro and Raysa M. Velasquez, $300,000

     189 Garden St: A&J RT and Joseph Balsamo to Ursula Garcia and Kenia R. Reynoso-Santos, $630,000

     6 Glenwood Dr: Dionisio and Clemencia Susana to Luis E. Reyes-Rivas, $467,000

     8 Katherine St: Mike Romano and Brigny Frias to Wilmer Lituma-Atiencia, $570,000

     63 King St: Virgen G. Nunez-Bautista and Eugenio Aridio-Nunez to Johanna Ortiz, $370,000

     4 Melrose St: Maribel A. Amarante to Ramon R. Tirado, $257,000

     52 Montgomery St: David D. Lima to 66 Cogswell Street LLC, $250,000

     88 Myrtle St: Natalia R. Dasilva to Olivier Lopez-Ramirez and Monica L. Gil, $590,000

     187 Parker St: Yuly G. and Francisca Brazoban to Santa Y. Tineo and Ramon A. Hernandez, $445,000

     199-205 Prospect St: Ramiro Lopez to Noel Jerez, $740,000

     4 Rockwood Ln: Jovonne Pena to Virgen Nunez-Bautista, $431,000

     310 Salem St: Khanh Tran and Mai T. Le to Nickolas K. and Lindsey Stelzig, $360,000


     46 Ashford St Unit 15: Thomas M. Hajj and Judith A. Romano to Kim D. Cao, $205,000

     46 Ashford St Unit 3: Leonard A. Lucas and Linda L. Fink to Daniel and Christina Trefry, $205,000

     45 Ayers Village Rd: Lucas and Nicholas Russell to Altamiro P. Dasilva-Filho and Viviane Assis, $490,000

     21-23 Bicknell Ave: Suresh R. and Usha S. Patel to Hildo M. DeSouza, $605,000

     47 Chippy Ln: Anna Allen and Rosetta Mcdonald to Fatima Salim, $445,000

     20 Danbury Dr Unit 2: CRH Realty LLC to David Deas, $170,000

     40 Danbury Dr Unit 4: CRH Realty LLC to Thomas M. and Jade D. Kucharski, $155,000

     86 Druid Hill Ave: Marie F. Laine to Angel Arias, $645,000

     130 Forest St: Michael J. Foley and Tanya Waithe to Arianna and Joshua Andujar, $440,000

     3 Francella Rd: Florenda A. Kislowski to Anabel Polanco, $450,000

     19 Hastings Cir Unit 19: Topp FT and Arno Topp to Jeffrey L. and Linda L. Klein, $599,900

     2 Herrick Dr Unit 2: Phillip E Kendall NT and Ann L. Kendall to R L Paquin RET 2014 and Robert L. Paquin, $595,000

     11 Hill St: Stephanie Martin and Suzanne B. Lahey to Nathalia Arboleda-Tejada and Maria G. Sepulveda, $415,000

     62-64 Lawrence St: BJL NT and Brian J. Lagrasse to Katherine Lorenzo and Marcos Frias, $495,000

     76 Maple St: Donna and Paul Wilchinski to Apolinar A. Garcia and Marcelina R. DeGarcia, $515,000

     21 Marie St: Preston D. Carmichael to Flor A. Depaz-Ortega and Oscar S. Depaz, $350,000

     14 Palmer St: Modesto Martinez to Wislaine Laurent and Emmanuel Fedna, $565,000

     2 Phoebe St Unit 2: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Robert P. and Linda M. Mccabe, $780,000

     150 Pleasant St: Barry Virginia C Est and Michael C. Barry to Amimc LLC, $362,500

     82 Riverdale St: Robert and Caitlin Duffy to Fabio Cardenas and Gregoria M. Vicente, $620,000

     905 Riverside Dr: Steven Caristinos to John H. and Cathy A. Smithendorf, $410,000

     6 Varnum Ave: William D. Folk and Darlene Donahue to Marino E. Rodriguez, $420,000

     20 Washington St Unit 46: Mounir F. Jermany to Angelita Pena, $340,000

     240 Washington St Unit A: Amanda G. Bettencourt to Willy N. Gomez-Disla, $390,000

     39 Woodburn Dr: Ruth J Mcnaughton RT and Carol Whiting to Cristiana T. Darisse, $520,100


     100 Adams Ave: Mary A. Crete to Rose Marenghi, $635,000

     65 Blue Ridge Rd: James and Diane M. Julsonnet to Matthew E. and Kristy M. Mckenna, $930,000

     521 Dale St: David M. and Brenda A. Sikora to Anthony J. and Lindsey A. Sallese, $858,000

     45 Edgelawn Ave Unit 4: Manfredi J. and Marianne Genito to Brian J. Lagrasse, $260,000

     44 Empire Dr: Daniel Napoli to Aaron Griswold, $246,265

     40 Fernview Ave Unit 8: Ann C Liotta RET and Ann C. Liotta to Jason Sabatino, $215,000

     45 Gray St: David Y. Feng and Laura J. Antonucci to Matthew and Michelina Kinell, $1,104,000

     90 Lost Pond Ln: Kuljit K. Kalkat and Tarlochan Singh-Kalkat to Kevin M. and Kendra E. Carr, $925,000

     148 Main St Unit O304: Christine J. Caron and E Geraldine Bartlett to Elba Morency, $250,000

     16 May St Unit 16: Ronald M. Cuscia to Salmon Run LLC, $845,000

     18 May St Unit 18: Ronald M. Cuscia to Salmon Run LLC, $845,000

     20 May St Unit 20: Ronald M. Cuscia to Salmon Run LLC, $845,000

     22 May St Unit 22: Ronald M. Cuscia to Salmon Run LLC, $845,000

     59 Meadow Ln: Scire Grace Est and Alyssa Moreira to Bates Living FT and Curtis A. Bates, $620,000

     39 Mill Pond: Russell T. and Patricia D. Ryan to Stanley M. and Taylor L. Nganga, $500,000

     548 Sharpners Pond Rd: Christopher R. and Heather L. Howe to Leonard T. and Christina Giambrone, $845,000

     31 Skyview Ter: James D. and Dianne C. Stevens to Domenic Botticelli, $1,111,000

     78 Turnpike St: Steven A. and Ines Wilkson to Luz D. Alvarez, $620,000


     3 Furbish Pond Ln: Nathan and Lindsay Fletcher to Melissa E. and John B. Bubanas, $1,376,000

     2 Greenbriar Dr Unit 206: Sammal LLC to Maria F. DeSilva, $162,500

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6308: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Girard J. and Judith T. Fortin, $479,520

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6309: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Steven R. and Marie D. Morrow, $496,710

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6410: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Linda Angiolillo, $556,045

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6312: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Atsuko Fukuda, $542,435

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6310: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Salim and Susan Elouche, $506,970

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6408: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to William J. and Nanci A. Robinson, $534,315

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6301: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Rita Martineau, $579,290

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6206: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Diane Currier-White, $534,990

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6311: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Connelly FT and Michael J. Connelly, $538,535

     240 Martins Lndg Unit 6207: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to David S. and Sandra J. Fudge, $532,125

     17 Mount Vernon St: Nikhil A. and Priyanka N. Gogate to Hokchhay Tann and Yicheng Shao, $880,000

     11 N Hill Dr: Edward F. and Clare Madden to Ryan Corry, $920,000

     7 Nichols St: Paula Marcisak to Lindsay Berman and Jessica Scioli, $475,000

     13 Pine Ridge Rd: Eleanor T. Lord to Premier Development Inc, $530,000

     10 Saint Theresas St: William M. and Megan Hafner to U A. Mudiyansele and Rasangi M. Gedara, $725,000


     135 Beach Rd Unit B212: Deborah Cronin to Clark Crowley, $228,500

     98 Main St: Andrea and Richard True to John Butler and Amanda M. Valli, $550,000

     865 Ocean Front: Salisbury Bch Assoc T and Ryan Foley to Salisbury Beach Rlty LLC, $50,000

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